Episode 10 – Overcoming Destructive Anger and Negative Emotions by Natalie Hixson

As moms, it’s normal to get angry every so often, but what happens when anger and rage negatively affects your relationships with your kids (and hubby)?

Thankfully it’s possible to overcome destructive anger and enjoy being a mom! How?

In today’s episode, I talk with someone who has suffered from destructive anger and negative emotions herself – Natalie Hixon. She is a wife, mother, auntie, and Certified Professional Life Coach who helps discouraged Christian moms overcome destructive anger and burnout. After learning to thrive in motherhood and process anger in a healthy way, Natalie made it her mission to help other moms do the same.

In this very relatable interview, we talk about how destructive anger and negative emotions affect our relationships as a wife, mom, and Homeschool CEO.  She also shares tips on how you can appreciate and process your anger, learn your triggers and how you can ultimately control your reactions to them.

If you want to start your own journey to recovery from destructive anger and negative emotions, don’t miss this episode!

In This Episode, You’ll discover:

  • How Natalie’s destructive anger resulted to their unique homeschool set up with Grandma as the main teacher 
  • Natalie’s journey to overcome destructive anger 
  • How destructive anger affects marriage and motherhood
  • How it’s possible to overcome anger and seek help
  • Where anger stems from and how people in our society have difficulty processing negative emotions
  • 2 ways to overcome anger: S.I.T. and Recovery
  • How to teach your kids to manage their negative emotions
  • Taking responsibility for your situation and modeling for your kids a better way to handle negative emotions
  • How to identify your triggers using a Trigger Tracker and how to process it

This was such an amazing interview! The insights that Natalie shared about destructive anger and negative emotions are all so relatable. It shows that moms and Homeschool CEOs who struggle with these are not alone. It is totally possible to overcome them and become a more joyful wife and mom. As Natalie says, all you need to do is to take the first step.


“Reaching out and talking to somebody who can help you start to get on the right path and work through it is so important.” – Natalie

“Anger is good for us and what it’s there for is to help us stop.” – Natalie

“Essentially, negative emotions are there to move us to action.” – Natalie

“There’s nothing wrong with you for feeling that negative emotion. What’s wrong is when you use the negative emotion to abuse or hurt the relationship between us and another person.” – Natalie

“It’s never too late to recover with your kids.” – Natalie

“It starts with an awareness and an openness.” – Jen

Resources Mentioned:

Trigger Tracker

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