Episode 13 – How to Thrive in Homeschooling and in Business as a Single Mom Homeschool CEO with Jen Myers

Are you a new single mom trying to navigate the ups and downs of balancing parenting, homeschooling, and running a business? You’re not alone. I know exactly how you feel.

In this final episode of our Single Moms Series, I open up about the very recent changes that have happened in my life including my decision to separate from my husband of 16 years. I also talk about why I think homeschooling is a benefit for single mom entrepreneurs and give you my tips on how you can make it all work. Listen in and be encouraged knowing that you are not alone and that I’m right here with you.

In This Episode, You’ll Discover:

  • why homeschooling as a single mom entrepreneur is a benefit and how you can make it all work
  • the personal twists and turns in my own life that has led me to become a new single mom
  • tips on how you can be a single mom and run a business 
  • how you can protect your time and streamline your home and your business
  • how to guard what you’re reading and focus on consuming content that helps you navigate your unique position as a Homeschool CEO
  • how to learn to delegate your life like a CEO
  • why thinking outside the box is even more important for single Homeschool CEOs
  • why it’s important to be flexible
  • what the 3-day Homeschool CEO Bootcamp is about and how it can help you

After talking to many other single moms who homeschool and run a business at the same time, I know for a fact that it is 100% possible to thrive in this unique lifestyle. I hope that you will walk with me on this new journey. Let’s do this!


“If you’re considering homeschooling, I want you to know that you absolutely can do this even as a single mom business owner.”

“It takes so much less time to homeschool.”

“As a CEO, you have to stop doing everything.”

“Yes, we need a plan, we need a schedule, but we also need grace, love, compassion and understanding for ourselves, our kids, our business.”

Resources Mentioned:

Homeschool CEO Bootcamp

additional resources

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