Episode 14 – Balancing Entrepreneurship, Homeschooling, & Public Schooling in a Blended Family with Kesha Bailey

Navigating life in a blended family can be tricky especially if you’re homeschooling half of your kids while the other half goes to public school. Add running a business to the mix and things can become chaotic. However, it can be done. 

This week, I chat with Kesha Bailey, an amazing entrepreneur who is successfully managing it all. She shares with us how she navigates the complexities of having a blended family and how she convinced her husband to be supportive of homeschooling. She also tells us how she makes it possible to bring calmness in the midst of chaos when trying to balance homeschooling and running a business.

If you’re in a blended family and you’re thinking of homeschooling while running a business or if you have a blend of homeschooled and public schooled kids, this is an episode that will be sure to inspire you.

In This Episode, You’ll discover:

  • how Kesha navigated homeschooling in a blended family when they have other kids in public school
  • how she convinced her spouse who wasn’t on board with homeschooling
  • her strategies on integrating their homeschooling with her business
  • how not doing it all helps her run her household and business
  • why partnership with your spouse is essential in making it all work
  • her tips on how to bring calmness in the midst of chaos 
  • how she decides what her kids learn as unschoolers
  • how she lets her kids have a say in their own education

Kesha’s story is especially inspiring for those of us who feel like we have to be everything to everybody. She shows us how it’s possible to get things done even when life is chaotic.


“The first and most important thing is to make sure that my time is blocked out appropriately.” – Kesha

“Some people call it unschooling. Others call it lifeschooling. I just call it “we do life”. – Kesha

“Balance is such an elusive word. It’s like chasing that carrot at the end of the stick. It just keeps moving. There is no such thing as balance. Sometimes it’s your business that’s gonna be the forefront and sometimes it’s homeschooling and it’s kind of this give and take where you have to decide each day what your priorities are for each season of life, each day, each week, and eventually it all gets done.” – Jen

“It’s the soft skills that they’re learning just by being around the business and their family.” – Jen

“My biggest lesson is to stop trying to be everything for everybody. I don’t have to do all the things. I don’t have to always be available even for my children.” Kesha

“You have approximately 12 – 13 years to do the book work for school and it all doesn’t have to be done right away.” – Kesha

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