Episode 16 – How Homeschooling Prepares You to be a Successful Entrepreneur with Mary Tindall

Have you ever wondered how homeschooling affects our kids in adulthood? Does it affect their choices on how they live their lives and how they choose to educate their own kids?

In today’s episode, I chat with second generation homeschooler and Homeschool CEO, Mary Tindall. Mary shares with us how homeschooling prepared her for entrepreneurship and how she’s using everything she has learned to homeschool her own kids while running a successful copywriting business. She also shares tips on how switching from a time management to an energy management mindset allowed her to identify and do what she really loves to do.

In This Episode, You’ll discover:

  • how homeschooling prepared Mary for entrepreneurship
  • how she overcame a time scarcity mindset and hone in on what she really loved to do.
  • why it’s important to show up as the expert that you are whether you’re an employee or an entrepreneur
  • tips on how to forge trust with your customers
  • how to let your expertise shine through in an authentic way
  • find to help your clients find their voice and how to use the voice that they have
  • why it’s important to focus on what your clients can get from you and on what you want to work on
  • how she splits homeschooling responsibilities with her husband so that they can teach the subjects they enjoy and have time for work
  • how she’s using everything she has learned to homeschool her own kids while running a successful copywriting business

If you’re wondering how homeschooled kids turn out as adults, you will definitely be inspired by Mary’s story. She’s a living testament that homeschooling works and that it can even help your kids develop the skills they need to be a successful entrepreneur.


“It’s a really good use of your energy as an entrepreneur to kind of identify “what do I love”, “what gets me energized”. That’s a really basic exercise. I think until you do it you don’t realize all the things you’re doing that are really sucking your energy. So, I’ve moved my mindset from time management to more of energy management and being a good steward of the finite energy that I do have for my family, for my work.” – Mary

“”We’re all allotted 24 hours in a day but we only have so much energy and how we spend our energy is crucially important when we’re balancing homeschooling and running a business and mom duties and everything that comes with that.” – Jen

“When we enjoy what we’re doing, we’re more likely to keep doing it”. – Jen

“As a homeschool student, you’re like the entrepreneur of your education and the older that you get the more that you should feel ownership of your education.” – Mary

“That feeling of life-long learning is something that carries over really well from homeschooling to entrepreneurship.” – Mary

“It is really important that we teach our kids to do things that they don’t necessarily want to do because as adults we have to do things that we don’t necessarily want to do.” – Jen

“All of our businesses are different, all of our families are different. Therefore, it makes sense that all of our homeschool situations will be different as well.” – Jen

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