Episode 18 – Child-Led Learning: How to Encourage Your Kids to Take Ownership of Their Own Education with Amy Lee Westervelt

As moms, we all want our kids to reach their full potential, but have you ever wondered how to do that without getting in the way? How do we encourage them to explore and follow their passions and interests as we homeschool them? 

In today’s episode, my guest, Amy Lee Westervelt, a homeschool mom and a Mindset Business Coach for empaths and highly sensitive people, shares how she allows her kids to take ownership of their own education using a hybrid of unschooling and homeschooling methodologies that foster child-led learning. She also tells us how she uses her expertise on mindset training not only in business but also in homeschooling and parenting 5 kids under 8.

In This Episode, You’ll discover:

  • how Amy Lee homeschools 5 kids under 8 years old while running a thriving business
  • how she created a system wherein fun and quality time with her kids overlap with education
  • how she started what she calls an Engage and Escape system for homeschooling
  • how she conducts a hybrid of the unschooling and homeschooling methodologies to foster child-led learning at home
  • why she thinks that we shouldn’t be punished with education nor be rewarded for learning
  • what the Law of Attraction is and how she uses it not only in parenting and homeschooling but also in business
  • what her biggest struggle is in homeschooling and how she deals with it
  • her advice for mom entrepreneurs who are considering homeschooling their kids

Amy Lee’s untraditional thoughts and opinions on learning will make you see education in a different light. They will make you realize that your kids can have fun while learning and that it’s possible to let them be all that they’re meant to be without us limiting their potential.


“Learning is a gift. Knowledge is a gift.” – Amy Lee

“Knowledge is about what you want to learn.” – Amy Lee

“”In unschooling particularly, we’re expanding what the children can learn so that they will learn, not the other way around, because so much of traditional education is backwards.” – Jen

“Learning is part of being alive”. – Amy Lee

“You don’t have to treat every kid the same.” – Amy Lee

“Learning should be the reward.” – Amy Lee

“As entrepreneurs, we learn all day long, every day.” – Jen

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