Episode 20 – What Homeschooling and Running a Business While Traveling Full-Time in an RV Is Really Like with Heather Farris

Have you ever browsed Instagram photos or watched YouTube videos of women homeschooling their kids and running a business while traveling full-time in an RV and thought “I want to do that too”? It may not be as glamorous or as sexy as you think.

Today, I had a real and authentic conversation about this with Heather Farris, former accountant turned Pinterest Marketing Consultant and homeschool mom of two girls. Heather empowers business owners to scale their businesses using Pinterest. She and her family traveled full time in an RV in 2019 all while homeschooling and running her business, and she says it’s not always sunshine and rainbows. She shares the pros and cons of this lifestyle and gives practical tips on how you can make it work for you too.

In This Episode, You’ll discover:

  • how her husband’s stressful work environment in the Air Force led their family to reconnect and travel full-time in an RV
  • how traveling is not the same as what you see on YouTube and Instagram
  • how not planning in advance made traveling difficult for their family
  • what Heather loves most about traveling while homeschooling and running a business
  • the benefits their kids gained and the struggles they experienced with traveling
  • what homeschooling looked like on the road, what didn’t work, and what they did to make it work
  • her practical pieces of advice for those who want to travel while homeschooling and running a business

I love how honest Heather was in sharing her experiences. She makes us realize that sometimes the things we do are hard, but they can also be worth it. She shows us that despite the struggles in homeschooling and running a business while traveling, you can still make it work. In fact, they love it so much that they’re doing it again.


“Being together all of the time. I honestly think, and I’ve heard a lot of people say that they couldn’t be with their family all of the time, I love it.” – Heather

“That was like our goal of travel – is to seek out new places and off the beaten path people.” – Heather

“It’s hard, right? It’s hard being that mom choosing it, figuring out what you want your kids to learn.” – Heather

“Part of that too is remembering that we aren’t gonna be able to teach them everything. We give them the tools and at some point they get to make their own decisions.” – Jen

“It is important when you’re realizing, like as God or the universe or whatever you believe in, you were uniquely equipped to raise your children and what you teach them is your choice.” – Jen

“That’s what I’ve come to realize over the last 18 months of deschooling is – I’m not equipped to teach them every single thing that they need to know and neither are the teachers in public schools, to be honest.” – Heather

“Just because you’re in a school system or even in the same community all growing up does not mean those are your life-long friends because we grow and we change and we don’t generally keep our childhood friends long term.” – Jen

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