Episode 21 – Finding Authentic Friendship, Connection, and Community with Other Homeschool CEO Families with Jen Myers

It can be lonely being a Homeschool CEO because we usually don’t fit into the typical homeschool mom stereotype. But did you know that this can also affect our kids and that they can feel isolated and lonely too?

Today, I open up and share about my life-long mission to build authentic connection and community among everyone I meet (including kids). I share the experience of how a friend’s suicide affected who I am today, and why I believe we all need to be proactive in helping our kids (and ourselves) find their tribe. 

If you’ve ever felt like you just didn’t  fit in with “stereotypical” homeschooling families, this episode will serve as a sweet reminder that there are other CEO’s just like you!  Learn how you too can connect with others who are more like us. 

PLUS, I reveal how a recent experience helped me realize that the Homeschool CEO Society I started is not really just for moms but for their families too. Spoiler Alert! 

If you want to find out what the future holds for Homeschool CEO Society and how you and your family can take part in my groundbreaking idea, tune in to this episode for my exciting announcement.

In This Episode, You’ll Discover:

  • the story of my childhood friend, eleven-year-old Ben, who belonged to a traveling Evangelist preaching family, and how I met him at the age of 10
  • how what happened to Ben impacted my life at such a young age and led me to a life-long mission of building communities
  • why it’s important to have real, authentic connection with people
  • why homeschool co-ops didn’t work for my family
  • how I built communities to help my kids connect with other kids
  • why it can be lonely being a Homeschool CEO
  • how the idea of building the Homeschool CEO community came to be
  • why socialization in a traditional school is not always good socialization and how we can socialize our homeschooled kids
  • why I believe that loneliness starts in childhood
  • how I realized that the Homeschool CEO community is not just for moms but for their families as well
  • how I came up with the groundbreaking idea of creating a FREE international virtual co-op for kids as an additional perk for Homeschool CEO Society members
  • what families can look forward to as part of the Homeschool CEO Society virtual co-op and how they can join

I’m really excited for what’s to come soon for our Homeschool CEO Society members. If you want to take part in this exciting new development and wish to build authentic connections with other Homeschool CEO families, this is an opportunity you don’t want to miss.


“Your child might have ADHD and might say the wrong things, or maybe has a learning challenge or anything. But I promise you, there’s another kid somewhere in the world that has the same issues, that all they’re hoping and praying for is a friend just like your child.”

“It really came from this driving force to understand ‘community’ and to realize that there’s no good and there’s no bad in our strengths and our weaknesses. Like, those are just names that we put on them to identify them. But really, what it is is we’re just identifying our differences”.

“Now in our current generation, we’re so disconnected from ourselves and others. And the problem with that is that we’re setting up children to live a life of isolation and loneliness. If we don’t teach them how to make the connections when they’re younger, they struggle as adults.”

“I am on a mission to create an authentic community in business, in homeschooling, and in our Homeschool CEO world.”

“We’re gonna change the world, guys. Our kids are gonna change the world.”

“When you put two powerful kids together, their energy and their vision and their drive are multiplied.”

Resources Mentioned:

Homeschool CEO Society Application Form

additional resources

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