Episode 22 – Keeping It Simpler Than Simple: How Decluttering Helps Us Homeschool Without Tears with Wendy Zanders

When it comes to homeschooling, you have so many different choices. It can leave you wanting all the things yet feel overwhelmed. It can also cause your kids to feel frustrated and unmotivated to learn. 

The truth is, you don’t need “all the things” in order to successfully homeschool. In fact, according to Wendy Zanders, a Professional Decluttering Coach and homeschool mom to 2 kids, keeping it simpler than simple is what you really need to do to homeschool without tears. In this episode, Wendy reveals how her family’s initial struggles with homeschooling led them to minimalist homeschooling. She also shares useful tips on how you can minimize the clutter in your business and homeschool in order to lessen overwhelm and simplify your life.

In This Episode, You’ll discover:

  • how her son’s school struggles due to ADHD, work stress at her 9-5 job, plus her daughter’s desire to be homeschooled, paved the way to homeschooling
  • how homeschooling overwhelmed their family at first and how that led them to minimalist homeschooling
  • how Wendy teaches her kids to advocate for themselves
  • how her experience with traditional school growing up led her to choose a different teaching approach with her kids
  • how Covid-19 paved the way for her to fast track her decluttering business to go online
  • her practical tips for decluttering your homeschool and business to lessen overwhelm and simplify your life
  • how knowing how your kids’ learning styles help prevent clutter and lets you homeschool without tears

I loved talking to Wendy! She shares my own philosophy about keeping things simple both in business and in homeschooling. It really boils down to figuring out what you truly need and doing away with what you don’t. It shows us that we can truly do more and be more by having less.


“If it is not working, let’s stop. We’re entrepreneurs. Let it go and pivot.” – Jen

“I always say we’re not raising children. We’re raising somebody’s future husband and future wife and we’re not always gonna be there.” – Wendy

“Success is what you make it.” – Wendy

“You do your way, we do our way. There’s no right or wrong way to teach our kids.” – Wendy

“When you combine homeschooling with entrepreneurship, you experience freedom and flexibility for the entire family.” – Jen

“Keep it simpler than simple.” – Wendy

“Do ‘you’. Don’t worry because if you’re waiting for people to say ‘Good job. Wow, that’s really, really great.’, then you’re always chasing that next compliment. Do ‘you”.” – Wendy

“We don’t have to chase somebody else’s idea of success, or what a homeschool mom should look like, or what a business mom should look like, or anything. We can blend the two of them and we can do ‘us’.” – Jen

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