Episode 23 – Holistic Homeschooling: Unschooling Redefined with Dr. Cheryl Schmitt

Have you ever encountered an unschooling family and thought that they’re not doing anything? Do you think that it is educational neglect? 

In today’s episode, I talk to Dr. Cheryl Schmitt who is an unschooling mom of 4, a holistic living advocate, and owner of a wellness-based chiropractic practice. She talks to us about her thoughts on education and why her family embraces holistic homeschooling. She also shares what unschooling looks like for her family with a mission to help others understand what it really is and the freedom that can be attained through it.

In This Episode, You’ll discover:

  • how Cheryl’s trust in nature and professional background as a chiropractor changed the way she homeschools her kids
  • why the premise that children have to be taught in order to learn is not correct
  • why Cheryl and her family embrace a more natural and holistic approach to health and homeschooling
  • what unschooling looks like for their family and how it’s not what some people think is “doing nothing”
  • how unschooling allows kids to focus on their strengths instead of their weaknesses and teaches them to embrace their own individuality
  • why there needs to have a paradigm shift in teaching and learning in order for people to understand what unschooling really is
  • how their family handles people who are not supportive of unschooling
  • how the traditional school system is causing anxiety and depression in kids

I love Cheryl’s approach to education. She embodies what it really means to be a Homeschool CEO. She makes us realize that we don’t need to be like anyone else or do what everybody else does in order to be successful.


“I call it holistic homeschooling because we look at the whole child and we support them as who they are in their whole being.” – Cheryl

“I’d rather go an inch wide and a mile deep than go a mile wide and an inch deep, specializing in certain things and really diving into them and getting that really concrete knowledge in them is more advantageous, I think, than just having like a little bit of information on a lot of stuff.” – Cheryl

“”There is no deadline on knowledge, right? We are always still learning, and if we’re not, then what are we doing with our brains and with ourselves? You’d have to be dead to not be learning things.” – Cheryl

“They don’t have to learn it all in the first 18 years of their life. They have their whole life ahead of them to learn.” – Jen

“Remember that weaknesses don’t make us weak. It’s just not what our strengths are. Weakness is just an opposite of strength. It’s not anything negative. It’s just not what we excel at.” – Jen

“When does ‘same’ create extraordinary? When does sameness create power? When does sameness create creativity? It doesn’t, and we have to get away from that. We are not the same and each of us is individually amazing.” – Cheryl

“Sameness creates sameness and that does not create change.” – Jen

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