Episode 24 – Celebrating Personal, Business, and Homeschooling Success with Lori Beth Auldridge

In today’s episode, my guest, Lori Beth Auldridge, and I dive deep into three parts of being a successful Homeschool CEO. We talk personal: How to grow in authenticity and abundance, and how to embrace our differences. We talk business: How to celebrate business success regardless of what is going on around you.  We talk homeschooling: Your kids are learning even if we aren’t “teaching” them.

As a homeschool mom of 3 girls and owner of several businesses, including a nationwide community of moms called Yaya Mama, and a podcast called, Elevating Motherhood, Lori Beth shares how she became successful in business and in homeschooling by staying true to herself and creating a life she loves. She also talks about how to celebrate one’s success in business and homeschool despite the pandemic and how she empowers other moms to live with an abundance mindset and grow in an authentic, vulnerable community.

In This Episode, You’ll discover:

  • how some Homeschool CEOs are experiencing the pandemic differently and the guilt that comes with being successful while others are struggling
  • the messages that hold us back as moms and how Lori Beth gets off of the “struggle bus”
  • how to celebrate your successes by being authentic and without bragging
  • how she encourages women in her sisterhood to have an abundance mindset
  • how she manages all her businesses when her life is so full
  • why having long-term relationships are important for both your businesses and personal life 
  • the value of rest and how Lori Beth makes sure she gets enough of it
  • how the value of trust plays a role in her marriage and in homeschooling her kids
  • how observing, being curious, and taking the time to get to know your child is a big part of homeschooling and how this translates to business as well
  • her advice for newbie Homeschool CEOs

I love that Lori Beth shared so many nuggets of truth, not only about homeschooling and running a business, but also about being a woman. She shows us that it’s 100% possible to live a life we love and that we are capable of creating it for ourselves. 


“Stay on your lane. Stay true to yourself. Don’t fall for the distractions because there are people over in their own mind dealing with their own stuff.” – Lori Beth

“The journey is just as much of a celebration as the end result.” – Jen

“There’s so much abundance in the world. There’s so many people. There’s so many opportunities. None of that is scarce.” – Jen

“I fill my life with things that I want. So I want to be an entrepreneur. I want to be married to my husband and I act like it. I want to be a mom.” – Lori Beth

“I am responsible for the mindset that I bring to the table.” – Lori Beth

“I know gratitude seems so cliche but it’s not cliche. It’s part of the key to success.” – Lori Beth

“Learning to trust our children and trust ourselves and trust that others are doing the best that they can – that’s a lot of release of control.” – Jen

“It is completely normal to feel on fire about everything, that you don’t want to stop creating or stop doing your business stuff to go parent or homeschool.” – Lori Beth

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