Episode 25 – An Out-of-the-Box Approach to Raising Out-of-the-Box Kids with Lindsay Leiviska

Some kids are challenging to raise. Their behavior may leave their parents feeling exhausted, hopeless, and embarrassed. So what’s a mom to do? How do we control challenging behavior? What if it’s actually us, as moms, that need to change? What if our kids aren’t really difficult or challenging? What if they simply think outside the box?  

Our guest today is Lindsay Leiviska, a Christian wife, homeschool mom of three, and educator with a Masters Degree in Teaching. Her life was turned upside down when her son turned 18 months old and suddenly became a “difficult child.” Everything she thought she knew about being a good Christian mom was challenged.

Over the past six years, Lindsay has discovered an appreciation for how God created out-of-the-box kids and now she’s on a mission to empower parents who are raising children who think and process the world differently.

In This Episode, You’ll discover:

  • their family’s experience in adopting a baby after a journey through infertility
  • how their adopted baby’s behavior changed drastically at 18 months old and how it affected their homeschooling and family life
  • the shame involved in Lindsay realizing that she didn’t have the tools to help her son and the pivotal moment that led her to get help via counseling
  • the steps she and her family took to get their son to what he is now
  • how the experience of raising their adopted son and learning how the brain works helped Lindsay become a better parent and teacher
  • the importance of casting a vision for your child
  • why out-of-the-box thinkers should not be considered “oppositional defiance” and how they will change the world
  • how she provides support for homeschool moms raising uniquely-designed kids
  • her advice to Homeschool CEOs who are in the trenches and dealing with a “difficult” child
  • why parents are supposed to put relationship first with their kids

I can relate so much to Lindsay’s story because I raised an out-of-the box child too. I hope this lets you know that you’re not alone in this journey and that there’s no shame in raising uniquely-designed kids. I hope Lindsay’s story will encourage you to get help so that you can give your child the tools he needs in order to thrive.


“We always tell kids ‘use your words’ but we never give them an understanding, labeling what that is.” – Lindsay

“When we try to fit in, that’s not belonging. That’s telling ourselves and bringing self-shame on saying who we are is not good enough for who they want us to be.” – Jen

“That is such a powerful way to parent – to give the child the tools so that they have something in their toolbox to work with”. – Jen

“When we’re able to be vulnerable and authentic it gives the next person the freedom to raise their hand and say ‘I’m struggling too’ coz we’re all in this together.” – Jen

“If you don’t fit that mold, you’re constantly trying to catch up and it can spiral into shame and if you feel bad about yourself, you never thrive.” – Lindsay

“Sheltering your child’s mind and their emotions, that’s not sheltering their life. That is preparing them for adulthood to give them a firm foundation so that they can face the world.” – Jen

“What our children continually hear through childhood is what they take with them into adulthood and that’s what concerns me about our out-of-the-box kids in a traditional system.” – Lindsay

“[Traditional schooling] praises conformity and punishes out-of-the-box kids.” – Jen

“Relationship only comes when we feel safe and when we feel valued.” – Lindsay

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