Episode 26 – World Schooling and 10 Hours Per Month Business Building Schedule with Jo Ebisujima

All of our Homeschool CEO stories are unique, and Jo Ebisujima’s Homeschool CEO story is an incredible example of that. She is a Montessori-inspired, time-bending, travel loving, creative business coach who lives life on her own terms and helps other moms do the same.  Born in the UK, Jo now lives in Japan with her Japanese-born husband and their son. 

In today’s episode, we chat about what it’s like to homeschool in a country that’s NOT “homeschool-friendly,” and how she (and her son) have found community outside of their small town. Jo also reveals her secret to working only ten hours a month to build her international business and how she helps other moms build their empire around their family. 

In This Episode, You’ll discover:

  • The story of how Jo ended up living in Japan
  • What the Kaizen and Swiss Cheese methods are and how moms can use them for both homeschooling and running a business
  • What it was like for her as a Homeschool CEO homeschooling an only child and how they deal with socialization
  • What expat life is like in Japan and how she creates a community for herself
  • How her son finds friends he can relate to
  • How her family makes homeschooling and running a business work while traveling
  • How having systems helps her run her business on just 10 hours a month
  • Why the pandemic did not affect their family as much
  • Why she doesn’t believe in work-life balance and what she thinks you should do instead
  • Her tips for new homeschooling parents

What I loved about Jo was she is NOT your typical homeschool mom! From her pink hair to her travel plans, she has created the life of her dreams. Jo shared so many nuggets of wisdom that all of us can learn from. It just goes to show that homeschooling and running a business is something we can do wherever we are in the world.


“If screen time is communication time then that’s not necessarily a bad thing.” – Jo

“[On screen time and connecting online} That’s the way of the future. Whether we love it or we hate it, whether we embrace it or we ignore it, it is coming, it is here.” – Jen

“I feel there’s a lot of really good connections to be made online.” – Jo

“I’ve had a better year this year than normal. Because I homeschool, because I work online, because I set my business up to work around whatever we’re doing, when the whole lockdown and everything kicked off nothing happened, you know, it’s the same as usual for us.” – Jo

“The sooner you get routines into place, the easier it will be for you and the kids.” – Jo

“Forget the whole work-life balance. Forget balance completely because balance puts lots of pressure on you and it’s really difficult. It even sounds difficult. Balancing things sounds difficult. So, if you throw that out and instead embrace flow  – because if things flow, it feels easier.” – Jo

“Allow things to flow rather than trying to balance things.” – Jo

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