Episode 42 – Biohacking Your Brain for More Energy and Focus with Dr. Amber Langley-Gill

If you’ve ever wished that you had more energy and focus or maybe that you just felt better, then you may want to consider learning more about biohacking. 

I sat down and talked to Dr. Amber Langley-Gill, a former emergency/critical care veterinarian and now an author, coach, founder of Biohacker Babe Academy, as well as a fellow homeschool mom. She tells us what led to her entrepreneurial journey and her passion for helping people improve their quality of life from the inside out. Amber also explains what biohacking is and how women entrepreneurs can use it to be fully present in their lives and master their time and energy so they can unplug at the end of the day without guilt. She even shares how she’s able to make a 2-hour work day work for her. 

If you’re a mom experiencing burn out in your life right now, Amber’s tips will definitely help you out.

In This Episode, You’ll Discover:

  • how Amber’s entrepreneurial journey started after her twins were born prematurely
  • what biohacking is and how it can benefit Homeschool CEOs
  • what the 1% philosophy is and why improving your health doesn’t have to be complicated
  • what moms can do when they feel like everything is zapping their energy
  • Amber’s daily routine and how she is able to work on her business for only 2 hours a day
  • what homeschooling looks like for her family
  • the types of food you can eat when you’re biohacking and how she teaches her kids healthy eating habits
  • what the Biohacker Babe Academy is and how it can help Homeschool CEOs
  • her advice to moms who are experiencing burn out

I definitely learned a lot by talking to Amber. I realized that taking care of our nutrition and overall health doesn’t really need to be complicated. Her advice on how biohacking is definitely something all moms need to look into.


“That’s what biohacking is. It’s just making simple tweaks here and there to be the best version of you.” – Amber

“(Biohacking) It helps me do less, better.” – Amber

“You don’t have to do everything. You just have to be 1% better than you are today.” – Amber

“Sometimes we just have to sit in silence and recharge, whatever that looks like for you.” – Amber

“Hustle isn’t going to move your business as quickly as being diligent with your habits.” – Amber

“There is freedom in discipline.” – Amber

“When kids are curious and they learn more I think they make better choices for themselves because they’re more knowledgeable. They’re better prepared.” – Amber

“Figure out what’s in your boxes and then choose just one box to be 1% better at a time.” – Amber

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