Episode 44 – How She Retired Her Husband While Homeschooling and Running 2 Businesses with Tavia Redburn

In the Homeschool CEO community, anything is possible. That includes retiring your husband from his 9-5 (if that’s something you desire). 

It’s possible to build a successful business that retires your husband EVEN IF your husband works all day while you are busy on the homefront homeschooling and building your business. 

In fact, that’s exactly what Tavia Redburn did back in 2018. As a mom of 3 who also owns a busy photography studio, Tavia shares the amazing story of how she was able to retire her husband while homeschooling the kids. Tavia also shares what they do to make their non-traditional set-up work for their family.

If you’re curious to learn what’s really possible as a Homeschool CEO, this story will inspire you.

In This Episode, You’ll Discover:

  • the story behind why Tavia’s husband quit his job in 2018 to follow his passions and homeschool their kids
  • the reactions they received from family and friends when they revealed the plan to retire her husband
  • how they navigate the different roles and tasks they need to fulfill for their family
  • how she is able to balance being the family’s financial provider while taking care of her husband’s masculinity
  • the most impactful thing she has done for her business to scale it in order to retire her husband
  • the mindset shifts she had to have in order to take on the uncertainties of running a business
  • her advice for other moms who want to retire their husbands
  • what her family routine looks like now that her husband is at home

Tavia’s story is so inspiring. Her family’s story is just a testament to the fact that it’s possible for all of us to create a life we love as a homeschooler and entrepreneur.


“This is the kind of life we want. We want the kind of life where we can just pick up and go.” – Tavia

“I didn’t really care what other people had to say or what they thought, because I knew that this was what was right for our family. The only person I cared about what they thought was my husband.” – Tavia

“I think that I was able to grow quickly in my business because I chose a specialty, because I niched down.” – Tavia

“Niching down is probably the number one thing you can do if you really wanna scale.” – Jen

“You do the things that you know work, and faith, for me, kinda fills in the rest.” – Tavia

“If you have a passion, there’s a reason. It’s not random.” – Tavia

“Ground yourself on what you know is true.” – Tavia

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