Episode 45 – From Subsidized Housing to 7-Figure Businesses in Less Than 3 Years with Kirsten Tyrrel

Is it possible to go from living in subsidized housing to making a million dollars in just three years? Yep, and that’s exactly what today’s guest, Kirsten Tyrrel did. 

The secret to her success? It’s simpler than you might think.

In today’s episode, you will learn what it took for Kirsten and her husband to conquer poverty, as well as the mindset shifts she had to have to build a 7-figure business from scratch in less than 3 years. 

Kirsten is a high performance business coach for mom entrepreneurs, a course creation expert, and a mom of three kids who she homeschools while building her business from home.

Listen in to today’s episode to hear as Kirsten shares her failures, the lessons she has learned along the way, and what she thinks are the principles of success.

If you need inspiration to dream bigger and take action even if you don’t have everything figured out, Kirsten’s story is just what you need to hear.

In This Episode, You’ll Discover:

  • what kickstarted Kirsten’s entrepreneurial journey
  • the lessons she learned along the way from when she first started her business to where she is now
  • the failures she has experienced in her business and how she pivoted from them
  • what stepping into her power as a mom and a wife looks like 
  • how the success of her business affected her relationship with her immediate family and friends
  • what she did that helped her scale her business and earn 7 figures
  • what she thinks are the principles of success
  • her number one resource for someone in the 6-figure mark wanting to scale to the 7-figure mark

Kirsten’s story is so good. It’s such a great reminder that if we want to be successful, we shouldn’t be afraid of failure and failing fast. It’s in our failures that we learn what we need to succeed.


“I think this is where I was meant to be all along ‘coz I love teaching people. That’s why I started the podcast.” – Kirsten

“[On failing fast] Our successes really are births from that failure.” – Jen

“I’m learning, like, the obstacles and the things that have tripped us up, you have to really pay close attention to those because that’s usually where the lesson and the refining comes.” – Kirsten

“I know I’m inspiring a culture of entrepreneurship in our family. I just have had to change my expectation and perception of what successful motherhood looks like because it’s different than what my mom’s looked like and hers was great.” – Kirsten

“When entrepreneurs raise entrepreneurs, these kids don’t know boundaries.” – Jen

“If you know how to make it once, you can make it again even if the business model is different because the principles of success are the same.” – Kirsten

“Fail fast and make all those messes and try all those things so that you can quickly arrive at the thing that you’re truly meant to do.” – Kirsten

“If you wanna scale, you gotta scale the amount of people that you’re reaching. You’ve gotta get out of your shell and get out of your comfort zone.” – Kirsten

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