Episode 48 – Raising a Mogul and Other Kidpreneur Success Secrets with Zandra Cunningham and Tamara Zantell

At Homeschool CEO, we believe that kid entrepreneurs will grow up and change the world with their business ideas. That is why we’re doing what we can to support them, just like how Tamara Zantell supported her daughter, Zandra Cunningham, when she started her own business at the age of 9.

Tamara is a mom of 5 amazing game changing moguls, a brand strategist, and mentor, and she is committed to supporting the parents of biz kids and young moguls who are challenging the status quo and paving the way for change and new conversations. Zandra is a successful 20-year-old entrepreneur who followed her passions and started her own business selling lip balms and body butter a few days shy of her 10th birthday. 

They’re both on the podcast today to share their incredible 11-year journey of how they grew Zandra Beauty from a small home based business into a national success. They also share the struggles and lessons they have learned in balancing entrepreneurship with homeschool and growing up as a kid entrepreneur. 

We also talk about The Young Mogul Business Bootcamp and how Homeschool CEO kids have the chance to join us for a life changing experience. 

If you’re raising a kid who wants to build their own successful business, this episode is a must-listen for the entire family.

In This Episode, You’ll Discover:

  • what inspired Zandra to start her own business
  • how Zandra started her premium plant-based skincare company at the age of 9 years old
  • what made Tamara support her daughter’s desire to start her business
  • what made them decide to homeschool
  • the lessons that Zandra learned as she was growing her business as a kid
  • how Tamara dealt with Zandra’s struggles with being a kid who was growing her own business 
  • how they grew Zandra Beauty from a home based business into selling nationally
  • how rebranding helped Zandra Beauty to level up and be what it needed to be
  • the impact of having adult mentors guiding a kidpreneur 
  • what the Raising a Mogul program is all about
  • what the 5-day Young Mogul Business Bootcamp is and how it can benefit kid entrepreneurs
  • Zandra’s advice for aspiring kid entrepreneurs
  • Tamara’s advice for other Homeschool CEO moms who are raising kid entrepreneurs

This episode is SO inspiring, not just for parents but also for kids who are dreaming about building their own business. It just shows us what’s possible if we learn how to support our kids as they make their dreams come true.


“Entrepreneur was never a goal of mine at all.” – Zandra

“I decided that it will be best for me to be able to go into homeschooling and actually learn the way I want, that I need and that works for me, and also be able to learn things that apply to real life.” – Zandra

[On homeschooling] “I have no regrets. I’m so glad that we made that decision. It was really the best decision we could have made.” – Tamara

“I feel like that’s something that goes through the homeschool mindset sometimes is, “Oh my kid is missing out on all of these things.” Then when we layer on entrepreneurship on top of it, “Oh, they’re gonna miss out on being a kid.” But in fact, you’re opening their world to a whole other world of opportunities”. – Jen

“I knew that we were gonna be creating our own normal. And I just had to be strong enough to prepare her for that because I knew her emotions – that she was gonna go on a wild ride based on, especially since she was surrounded around, quote unquote, normal kids that we’re doing normal things.” – Tamara

“We brought the world and incorporated it into what she was doing so she didn’t feel like she was missing so much out there.” – Tamara

“It’s all about growing gradually and being really, really smart about it and taking calculated risks.” – Zandra

“A Mastermind gives us this place of community and collaboration where we can bounce ideas off of each other and challenge each other.” – Jen

“A lot of the success of Zandra came from not only social media, but a lot of it was through networking and just being in a room with the right people.” – Zandra

“It’s really important for us to set the stage, that mastermind, that experience of giving and taking, right from the beginning.” – Tamara

“Paid is the biggest thing.” – Zandra

“Nothing is too far-fetched.” – Zandra

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