Episode 49 – Keys to Happiness and Success in Life, Business, and Homeschooling with Kristi Andrus

Would you rather be happy or successful? Is it possible to be truly successful without being happy?

Those are just two of the questions we tackle in today’s podcast. 

Today’s guest, Kristi Andrus, is a former media exec turned life and business coach for ambitious moms. Her speciality is helping moms find happiness  and design a life they love. 

We talk about what happiness and success really means, how they are related to each other, and how we can have more of both as a mom and Homeschool CEO.

If you’re ready to find the sweet spot at the intersection of life, business, and motherhood, this episode is for you! 

In This Episode, You’ll Discover:

  • why Kristi left her corporate job without a plan in 2016
  • the definition of happiness and success
  • the relationship between happiness and success
  • why it’s important for moms to find happiness 
  • what we can do to find what makes us happy and how to use that to be successful
  • what led Kristi to start helping ambitious moms find happiness and design a life they love

How happy are you right now? I love how this episode makes us realize that it’s possible to be both happy and successful. It’s also a great reminder that it’s important for us moms to find what makes us happy. so that we can live a life we love.


“Learning a language just elevates the educational experience in so many different ways.” – Kristi

“When you decide to be a working mom you’re taking on two full time jobs.” – Jen

“If a mom wants to do it all, she probably has the capacity to do it all.” – Kristi

“Motherhood is such a journey of seasons. What we can do at certain stages looks very different.” – Kristi

“Happiness is fundamental to success. I 100% believe that. Success without happiness is hollow, and fleeting, and not sustainable.” – Kristi

“We are the only ones who can show to our children what it is to be a happy mom who loves life.” – Kristi

“Self-trust and self-awareness are such huge components.” – Kristi

“Of all the resources we have in the world, the one that is the same for every single person is time.” – Kristi

“If you want to improve your happiness today, one thing you can do is be where you are. Be wholly immersed in the moment and just let it unfold, and discover all the gifts that are right there, right now, right in front of you.” – Kristi

“Happiness is the foundation of everything.” – Kristi

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