Episode 52 – Protecting Your Brand with a Registered Trademark with Kailey Jacomet

In this episode, we’re celebrating two things – 1) the Homeschool CEO Podcast is now on its one year anniversary and 2) Homeschool CEO is now a registered trademark!

It is because of these two things that I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to talk about the importance of protecting one’s brand, specifically by registering for a trademark. I invited my own attorney, Kailey Jacomet, on the podcast today to help us unravel the mystery behind the trademark law. 

Kailey is a wife, mom of two, business attorney, and owner of the law firm, Brand Law Boutique, where she helps entrepreneurs protect their most valuable business asset, their brand. She talks to us about what a trademark is, the benefits of registering for one for your business, and the most important aspects you need to consider when filing. 

Kailey says, “If you do love your business name, then put a ring on it.” If you’re ready to do just that, this episode is for you.

In This Episode, You’ll Discover:

  • Jen’s experience with trademark issues in her past business
  • what a trademark is and why Kailey thinks registering for one is important
  • the difference between common law trademarks and registered trademarks
  • the difference between a principal register and a supplemental register
  • what LegalZoom is and why it’s better to register for a trademark using a trademark attorney
  • who needs to file a trademark and what makes a name trademark-able
  • the benefits of registering for a trademark
  • how to track all of the names being published so you know when to oppose it
  • the difference between a First-to-Use trademark and an Intent-to-Use trademark
  • what Kailey wishes people knew about registering a trademark

There are a lot of important lessons to be learned from this episode. It’s such a great reminder that there are just some things in our business that we should prioritize and registering for a trademark is definitely one of them.


“The marketing is fun to spend money on but essentially it’s gonna be useless if down the line you need to rebrand.” – Kailey

“Trademark law in the United States does not just protect identical names but confusingly similar ones.” – Kailey

“You can’t infringe in someone else’s trademark if your name is not trademark-able to begin with.” – Kailey

If you do love your business name, then put a ring on it.” – Kailey

“Trademark law is actually more concerned with protecting the consumer than even the trademark owner.” – Kailey

“A threat doesn’t have power if it doesn’t have teeth to it.” – Kailey

“It really almost is more difficult than it should be and there are all these pitfalls that you can fall in.” – Kailey

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