Episode 6 – Why Homeschooling Shouldn’t Look Like Public School and What it Should Like: From A Principal’s Perspective with Julie Lause

If homeschooling is a sudden, unexpected journey for you, you may have tried
replicating traditional school at home. But the real success lies in teaching
independent learning to your kids instead. How?

In today’s episode, I get to chat with Julie Lause of the Bossy House. In this fun
interview, we talk about why you can’t replicate traditional school at your house, and
how being a homeschooling mom is nothing like being a traditional teacher.

Julie also shares tips on how you can do a simple Montessori style set up in your home so
that your kids can learn independently while you work.

If you’re anxious that your kid is not learning enough at home, you’ve got to hear this

In This Episode, You’ll discover:

  • Julie’s experience with starting charter schools
  • Why you can’t replicate traditional school at home
  • How being a parent is not the same as being a teacher
  • The perspective on kids missing last 2 months of school
  • Crisis learning strategies
  • The value of teaching kids how to learn
  • Laura’s balancing act of homeschooling her daughter and working remote as
  • a principal
  • How to get your 6-year old to do independent work
  • Setting learning workspace at home
  • Building momentum for learning

This was such a great interview! The tips Julie shared about incentives and
scheduling are all so doable.

It proves that Homeschool CEOs can do so much without spending 8 hours of teaching. You decide what your family needs and how
your kids will continue to love learning beyond just covering tons of content.


“Parents right now are doing heroic stuff – whether they were homeschooling before
(Covid-19) or not.” – Julie

“You don’t need to do eight hours of school when you’re doing it at home.” – Julie

“You have to set up your homeschool set up for yourself and what you need as a parent.” – Julie

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