Episode 2 – Debunking the 5 Most Common Lies Homeschool CEO’s Tell Themselves with Jen Myers

I don’t have time… I’m not smart enough… sound familiar? These are just some of the most common lies that Homeschool CEO’s tell themselves.

In today’s episode, I will debunk the 5 most common lies that Homeschool CEO’s believe and reveal the truth behind them.

If you’re in the pursuit of possibilities versus obstacles to homeschooling, this episode is the enlightenment you’ve been waiting for.

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In This Episode, You’ll discover:

  • The fears and misconceptions about homeschooling your kids
  • Reasons why both public and private school educators encourage homeschooling
  • Why should entrepreneurs homeschool their kids
  • My big WHY for creating the Homeschool CEO Podcast

I hope that through this podcast, I can inspire entrepreneurs to homeschool their kids because I believe that when entrepreneurs educate the next generation of entrepreneurs, we’re going to raise up a generation that is going to change the world.
Our first step towards this goal begins in this episode. Are you with me? Listen in!


“It’s funny how life sometimes gives us detours we never asked for but we are so crazy thankful for.” – Jen

“We discovered that combining homeschooling with entrepreneurship brought so much freedom and flexibility.” – Jen

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